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- We work with honesty, ambition- not greed- and the belief that hard work can produce outstanding results in both the product and the relationships among people.  


- We follow the golden rule- treat others the way you would want to be treated- and work with kindness among all people we encounter.

We do work that we are proud of and stand by our quality. We provide work that is of a much higher caliber than competitors. We do not let work get lost. We pay attention to detail, take our time, and are directly involved with each and every job. 

- We are available for and communicative with our clients. Anytime someone calls Elsayed Construction, they will speak directly to Abdel. We are fast to respond and understand that answers and solutions cannot wait. 


- We provide fair jobs where everyone’s dignity and humanity is remembered and not lost in the numbers.


- We encourage our workers in their career and aim to help them advance their skills. We want to create space for skilled workers to use their talents and give them a refreshing opportunity to do so among the corporate monopoly in Central Florida.


- We provide a safe working environment and require all of our subcontractors to abide by safety standards. We NEVER compromise on safety. Many businesses do the standard safety procedures- which usually only consists of having employees fill out useless forms- all to cover the company’s paper trail. More than this standard and sterile business practice, we speak with our employees and monitor them. While paperwork is involved, we have honest and sincere conversations about how to stay safe on the job.


- We want to add to our community by supporting and advocating for marginalized people. This can be accomplished through volunteer work and sponsorship. Everyone is welcome at our table.


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